Eames, yes! Plastic Chair, no!

okay, trying out publishing on Issuu for the first time. So please, bear with me …

Anyhow, EAMES. Charles Eames would have turned 105 this past Saturday. He is a man to be admired for many things. Incredibly smart, witty, social, interested, capable and engaged. However, I think his legacy is not served right by blindly buying his designs from the 1950s. Frankly, I’ve seen enough of his Plastic Chair and I don’t think it is an appropriate choice for someone buying a chair in 2012. In this short presentation I try to make my case. Completely in the spirit of Charles Eames and with deep respect for him.

Just check out this great app that IBM and the Eames Office made as a follow-up to the Eames exhibition Mathematica. When designers care about education, learning is a lot more fun. Now, that is something that we learned from Charles and Ray Eames and that we should remember!

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