iPad application icon


After the toolbar icons for Edge, I thought about a possible app icon. A nice opportunity to learn the ins and outs of iOS icon design. My ideas initially all centered around crisp edges and high-contrast letters, preferably Didot. Both doesn’t work very well for the icons. The mandatory rounded corners make everything look cute and, well, round. I gave it a try but the typography would have to be adjusted a lot for the smaller sizes because of the thinner strokes. Didot and Caslon, the fonts I used in the app, didn’t work at all, so I ended up using the much ‘fatter’ Magnola and adjusted the serifes even more.

My second attempt is simply based on a triangle and some gradients in the colours of the app. I didn’t have the time to work this out in detail but it looks much more promising. The name of the app is written under the icon anyhow … so next time I have to design an app icon, I know where to start! Like I said, lots to learn of those exercises.


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