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Once I got started on the toolbar icons for Edge, I couldn’t stop anymore. After I made the little Rocket ice, I figured things had gotten a bit out of hand … This is the kind of work that I enjoy hugely. I learned a lot of it as well. These icons are optimized for 35 x 35 pixels, which would be okay for the iPad but not for the iPhone. Since some of them have thin strokes they need adjustments for smaller sizes. Once you give it a try, you realize how little detail is possible and just how challenging it is.

Some of the basic shapes are based on the font Magnola, a lovely letter with high contrast and lots of substance. I used it before for this project, so the icons might come in handy there as well. But working with high contrast sure has its limits when it comes to basic icons in small sizes. It was fun to figure out what worked and what not.

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