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One of the most interesting reads on the web is Edge, where scientists talk not only about their science but also about society, culture and philosophy. Just smart people talking about smart topics. Lovely. But their webdesign is really not so lovely. I don’t mind that it’s boring, even so that doesn’t seem appropriate for such excellent content. It is also not particularly user-friendly. I find their annual question the most interesting section - and it really is a pain to read online. I guess they do it on purpose so you go and buy the book.


After spending some time on edge.org I found it to be an equivalent of a modern salon, a melting pot for ideas from all sorts of intellectuals. I really wanted it to look elegant and appealing, it should tempt people to read on, it deserves some glamour. What, for example, if you publish it on the iPad and take in some influence from fashion magazines? They sure know how to seduce their readers. Well, here is what I came up with.


This is just a series of screens and not a working application. It demonstrates the way from the starting page to a text, in this case Richard Dawkins answer to the 2011 annual question. The colours link the content in the sense that every level has its own assigned colour, with hot pink as the anchor. No more bad photos and random clipart, just colours and gradients to lead the eye.


Some of the texts on edge.org are quite long, so legibility comes first. I used the elegant and lively Adobe Caslon for the typography and made my own icons. I wanted at least some of the toolbar icons to have some contrast and couldn’t find anything nice. Some of the basic shapes are based on the font Magnola. Under each text is a comment section that invites you to make personal notes, which you also can share with your network if you want to.


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