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iPad application icon

After the toolbar icons for Edge, I thought about a possible app icon. A nice opportunity to learn the ins and outs of iOS icon design. My ideas initially all centered around crisp edges and high-contrast letters, preferably Didot. Both doesn’t work very well for the icons. The mandatory rounded corners make everything look cute [...]

toolbar icons

Once I got started on the toolbar icons for Edge, I couldn’t stop anymore. After I made the little Rocket ice, I figured things had gotten a bit out of hand … This is the kind of work that I enjoy hugely. I learned a lot of it as well. These icons are optimized [...]

welcome to The Edge

One of the most interesting reads on the web is Edge, where scientists talk not only about their science but also about society, culture and philosophy. Just smart people talking about smart topics. Lovely. But their webdesign is really not so lovely. I don’t mind that it’s boring, even so that doesn’t seem appropriate for [...]

Identity for a Tango DJ

If you want to evaluate the quality of a project it is quite helpful to write about it and to put it online. I tend to look at things differently when they are about to be published. Sharper. More critical. So here is my little write up on a recent project that I want to [...]

Ten years

German-Dutch, Dutch-German. Dictionaries are my friends. This month it will be ten years since I moved to Holland. A quarter of my life. Who would have guessed that I end up here? Certainly not me. Life is full of surprises!
Luckily I now fully mastered Dutch and don’t live in constant language confusion any more. [...]

a year ago

… I was busy making a model for an exhibition over Tuvalu. Yes, I’ve chosen that subject myself. Why? It’s the second smallest country on the planet and utterly fascinating because of its extremes. Nine tiny reefs and atolls in an endless ocean. The idea here is that every one of the seven panels focuses [...]

message to the world

of food and cookbooks

maybe I should rather write a blog on cooking. all I seem to do lately is cooking and baking. the best thing about december: lovely food. lots of it. unfortunately I suck at food styling and photography. my food usually tastes better than it looks.
one of my favorite chefs is Rick Stein. his [...]

poetry poster

flipping through old files I found this little crazy gem. I wanted to make a poetry poster with one of my favourite poems from the Austrian surrealist Konrad Bayer. and as I was aimlessly searching the web for inspiration, I came across this other Franz from Austria. he looks fairly strange, but he actually is [...]