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I don’t think I’ve ever been so aware of days becoming shorter. The dark six months of the year are officially here now.

my little green friend

look who’s visiting again! I realize that this is a lot of green for one image. but I just couldn’t resist.


sometimes my neighbourhood freaks me out. why would anyone put something so hideous in the front garden of a small detached house? these are two particularly impressive examples of the bad taste around here. what makes this so funny is, that these two hopelessly oversized creatures live only 100 meters apart from each other. I [...]

colour notes

colours that made me happy last week. the first rhubarb of the season. jumm! and our naturally colored eggs. made with turmeric and red cabbage.

tropical surprise

It has been a while …
started my after-dinner-walk-routine again and look what I spotted the very first day: a colourful beauty. a little out of place, but they seemed perfectly happy. made my day.


gosh, I’m cold.

colour cure

okay, I officially overdosed on pink now. I’ve seen so many pink posts on blogs this week, that I’m almost embarrassed I wrote one myself. luckily I know just the thing that will cure the pink virus and satisfy my need for colour. yellow, I’m so sorry I’ve abandoned you …

pink all over

sometimes the bits and pieces on my desk really get a life of their own. more and more pink things are showing up without me even realizing. I’ve never been much of a girly girl. seems a bit late to start with it now! more likely hot pink is being re-interpreted and showing us it [...]


a new lamp. improvised and cheap. but it can not compete with the spectacular effect of the low winter sun.