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Eames, yes! Plastic Chair, no!

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okay, trying out publishing on Issuu for the first time. So please, bear with me …
Anyhow, EAMES. Charles Eames would have turned 105 this past Saturday. He is a man to be admired for many things. Incredibly smart, witty, social, interested, capable and engaged. However, I think [...]

I love the internets

I hardly ever post links here. But this is way to fabulous to pass by. Online exercises with colour in the spirit of Josef Albers. Brilliant.
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A whole new set of questions

Here is something that I never ever thought I would say: I am tired of aesthetics. Well, our obsession with aesthetics to be precise. Seriously, if I see one more pretty photo I am going to collapse. I stopped reading design blogs, stopped buying design magazines and I ignore Pinterest as good as I can. [...]

lost and found

Since I’m working on my portfolio, I come across all sorts of material that I’ve created not even that long ago. But in the frenzy of it all I tend to forget quickly. That’s a shame really because there are some jewels hiding in the depth of my hard drive. Like those 3D collages I [...]

pink all over

sometimes the bits and pieces on my desk really get a life of their own. more and more pink things are showing up without me even realizing. I’ve never been much of a girly girl. seems a bit late to start with it now! more likely hot pink is being re-interpreted and showing us it [...]

dream fall fashion

omg. wow! I desperately need to do something about my wardrobe and this would do the job. totally my kind of colours. but minus the fur and the hat please. the palettes are from the ever inspiring Kristina Klarin. her eye for colour is fantastic. the fashion is actually from Gucci, a brand that I [...]

working on my to do list

painting the office: check
putting my portfolio online: almost there
working on my sales pitch: not even half way
contacting clients: …

oh well, at least the freshly painted home office looks fantastic. the warm grey makes everything look good. these are the colours I can’t get enough of.