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meanwhile on the other side of the planet

Not all was tropical sunshine this summer. I went home, back to the roots. Oh, how I miss the family, the woods, the hills and the endless shades of green. My summer was all about extreme opposites.

let’s run away

it’s wet. it’s cold. and I’m not ready for it. not at all. I much rather dream of sweet tropical days.

A whole new set of questions

Here is something that I never ever thought I would say: I am tired of aesthetics. Well, our obsession with aesthetics to be precise. Seriously, if I see one more pretty photo I am going to collapse. I stopped reading design blogs, stopped buying design magazines and I ignore Pinterest as good as I can. [...]

Ten years

German-Dutch, Dutch-German. Dictionaries are my friends. This month it will be ten years since I moved to Holland. A quarter of my life. Who would have guessed that I end up here? Certainly not me. Life is full of surprises!
Luckily I now fully mastered Dutch and don’t live in constant language confusion any more. [...]

of food and cookbooks

maybe I should rather write a blog on cooking. all I seem to do lately is cooking and baking. the best thing about december: lovely food. lots of it. unfortunately I suck at food styling and photography. my food usually tastes better than it looks.
one of my favorite chefs is Rick Stein. his [...]

not according to plan

my son didn’t agree with my minimalistic Christmas decoration. at all. so the kitschy white tree is up and it even has a red star on it. I can only bear to take very blurry images of it. there obviously is no limit to my motherly love …

no red and green, please

I’ve never went for christmas decoration in neutral colours. but I think I will do this year. grey, brown, white, light-blue - and maybe a little wood. that’s it.

seeing red

my little redhead keeps me pretty busy these days. but he’s not the only red thing I have been spotting. unfortunately I don’t even like red that much. certainly no red christmas decoration for me this year.

evening walks

why is progress so freaking slow? at the end of the day I often feel pretty disappointed about what I achieved. this is why I enjoy my evening walks so much. nothing more satisfying than ending the day with some good photos.

cee is for chaos, clutter, clouds, claudia

I’m still going through the huge pile of stuff and paper that used to be in the office. if there would be more light, I would make more photo’s but light is precious this summer. the only thing I managed to take a photo of is my little collection of c’s.