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Blurred vision

Blurred images bring us closer to the core of things. Colours and basic shapes become the star of the show. This is why designers often half-close their eyes when they judge the fundamental value of a design. All the visual noise gets left out. For me these images are a sort of minimalist island in [...]


So, what’s the matter with Flickr? I’ve been using it forever but they lost me. Not only has their interface not been improved since the middle ages, they ask money for pretty much anything now. Can’t see the point anymore. I’ll just share what I have to share here on the blog, where it is [...]

my kind of photography

I have a confession to make: I wasn’t much into photography until a couple of years ago. I guess that was largely due to the fact that I hate to have my picture taken and that I don’t want to bother others with my camera. But when I finally got a good camera three [...]

meanwhile on the other side of the planet

Not all was tropical sunshine this summer. I went home, back to the roots. Oh, how I miss the family, the woods, the hills and the endless shades of green. My summer was all about extreme opposites.

let’s run away

it’s wet. it’s cold. and I’m not ready for it. not at all. I much rather dream of sweet tropical days.


gosh, I’m cold.


a new lamp. improvised and cheap. but it can not compete with the spectacular effect of the low winter sun.

everyday graphics

recently we have been spoiled with some pretty amazing light. very unusual for november. the lack of blurry green also makes the harder contours come forward. nice!

seeing red

my little redhead keeps me pretty busy these days. but he’s not the only red thing I have been spotting. unfortunately I don’t even like red that much. certainly no red christmas decoration for me this year.

spoorzoeken I

I. love. trees.
I might not be mad enough to hug them but enjoy their company hugely. so I was delighted when a book illustration came along for a literary text about conifers (and lots of other things that I conveniently ignored). finally an excuse to visualize my love for trees. I started with lots of [...]